book cover First Edition 2006

Published in the United States of America
Library of Congress Control # 2005922135
ISBN 10: 1-889786-33-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-889786-33-9

Cover Design by Scott Roberts
Photos and Maps by Ted Tenny
Book Layout and Design by Janet Francisco
    and Ted Tenny
Printed by TSE Worldwide Press in China

Published By:
Gem Guides Book Company
315 Cloverleaf Drive, Suite F
Upland, CA  91706

This is the first book about hiking in the Goldfields, and the first to have topographic maps in full color. Beginners and advanced hikers will find unforgettable day hikes in this colorful volcanic wilderness.

The book is illustrated with glorious color photographs taken by the author. You’ll want to grab your backpack and set off for the mountains.

 24 pages of gorgeous color photos
 B&W photos throughout
 12 topographic maps in color with trails and annotated text references
 GPS coordinates of trailheads and junctions
 Invaluable information and safety tips
192 Pages6"x9" Color and B&W PhotosPaper
MapsIndex GPS coordinates$16.95

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