Corrections to Goldfield Mountain Hikes
photo by Roger Warren
And you thought this was the way to Wishbone Junction?
Any corrections the author finds out about will be made in future editions.
page, location on the page what needs to be corrected
11,  middle 1915 edition of the Tonto National Forest map
The Goldfield Mountains are named on the 1906 Fort McDowell USGS topographic map, surveyed in 1904, and also on the 1906 edition of the Desert Well quadrangle, surveyed in 1904.   See Arizona Historical Topographic Maps.
15,  middle directions to Meridian Trailhead
There’s now a Meridian Road exit 194 from US 60 eastbound.
G Meridian 33° 27.957'
111° 34.812'
194 0.0
 turn left and go N on Meridian Rd.
 park at trailhead (road dead ends)
25-26, 147 Peak 3004 Loop
You can now hike the Peak 3004 Loop without ever going off trail. The new trail passes east of hill 2290. It connects with the Bulldog Saddle Trail on the east side and with the ancestral Pass Mountain Trail on the west side of Peak 3004.
See GPS Map.
36, 2nd from top
45, 4th from bottom
peak 3154
The elevation is 3113', according to two GPS readings and visual observations.
37,  5th line from the top thicket of teddy bear cholla
Actually it’s a thicket of [ouch!] chain fruit cholla (opuntia Fulgida).
65,  middle table
In the option column, change   4D1
  to   4E1
C11 right captions, wrong pictures
The pictures in color are between page 96 and page 97. Number these pages C1 through C24.
The pictures on page C8 were repeated on page C11.
Here are the pictures that belong on page C11:
Peak 2662
Peak 2662 and the Salt River Valley from north of peak 3097
Tuff Dome
Peak 3141, Golden Dome and Tuff Dome from peak 3097
106-107 streambed route
The streambed route is now a trail up to Prevention Gap. From there the trail goes on northwest, almost to Wishbone Junction. But the trail bypasses Helmet Rock.
149, SW corner of map 5 alternate route to or from Idaho Pass
    You can stay in the arroyo. It’s easy walking, and goes through narrows near the junction with the trail on the west side. The old trail isn’t being used.
    Alternate route shown in red:
Map 5
southwest corner of Map 5, Upper Bulldog Canyon
150, SE corner of map 6 re-routing of trails by the Forest Service
    The Orohai Trail has been re-routed near Hackamore Trailhead. Go through the gate on the north side of the trailhead, turn left and follow the railing westward to the fence. Walk through a gap in the fence, then turn right and go north on the side road which parallels Packsaddle Road. The Orohai Trail branches off the side road after 1/8 mile, where there was formerly a gap in the fence. The trail is in a smooth wash on the left.
    Hiking is now allowed through the mining pit where Packsaddle Road makes a detour on the west side.
    Re-routed trails are shown in red:
Map 6
southeast corner of Map 6, Cottonwood Spring
156, southern part of map 12 location of Scenic View Trailhead
    The correct location of Scenic View Trailhead is shown below.
    Thanks to Greg Rudowsky for finding this correction!
Map 12
southern part of map 12, Apache Gap to Canyon Lake

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