Frog Peaks Mystery Solved
Frog Peaks, as shown on N.C. McFarland’s 1883 map of Arizona Territory.

Peak 3269, Dome Mountain, and the Frog
Local names came and went, such as the Frog Peaks, which appear 15 miles east of Maryville on N.C. McFarland’s 1883 map of Arizona Territory. This map can be seen at the Fort Lowell Museum in Tucson. From their location on the map, the Frog Peaks have to be Dome Mountain and peak 3269. Both of these mountains are in Maricopa County, though the Frog Peaks are listed as being in Pinal County.
Goldfield Mountain Hikes, page 11
But why would anyone choose a name like “Frog Peaks”?

The name remained a mystery until 2011, when I recognized the frog. It’s a butte between Dome Mountain and Peak 3134, which looks like a frog under certain light conditions.

The frog is best seen looking north from the horse trail that runs from FR 10 to Bulldog Canyon, west of Bulldog Wash. Did the horse trail exist in 1883?

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