David Miller Loop Day Hike: Sedona, April 13, 2013 GPS Map

Got off to a late start, so I wasn’t on the trail until 10:30. The weather was ideal. Although I met other hikers on the trail, there weren’t any organized groups. The loop hike can be done in either direction, starting from either trailhead. This time I decided to start from Secret Canyon Trailhead and walk the loop clockwise.

Dry Creek Road, FR 152, is exceedingly rough and rocky and washed out in places. It’s probably O.K. in a Hummer. While driving back I passed by a Pink Jeep; and yes, my Subaru Forester got through.

Since I needed one more Sedona trail for Footloose From Phoenix, it’s going to be this one.

Eons of erosion have carved a masterpiece in sandstone.
Stately red and white towers stand tall over Secret Canyon.
Delicate rock window overlooks the Secret Canyon Trail.
Wouldn’t you say, three heads are better than one?
Dripping waterfall graces the lower part of the David Miller Trail.
Milkweed brightens Bear Sign Canyon.
Javelina in the woods, before it saw me and ran away.
A wary tree stands sentinel over intricately eroded rocks.
Moss covers sandstone ledges on the canyon’s north side.
Some of the stream crossings have pools of water.
The flow is uneven in lower Bear Sign Canyon.

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