Idaho Pass, Bulldog Canyon; Goldfields, February 5, 2013 GPS Map

The time of day makes a difference. I managed to get to Idaho Access at 7:30 in the morning, just after sunrise. The trailhead was still in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains, but a glorious light brightened the volcanic plugs of Bulldog Ridge.

The Wolverine Pass Trail hasn’t seen much traffic lately. Good thing I’d been there several times. I moved cholla and prickly pear branches off the trail with my walking sticks, and put up cairns where the trail is hardest to find (mainly near the power line). The bright light of mid-day prevailed as I hiked back to Idaho Access.

Bulldog Ridge peaks 3195 and 3075, by the dawn’s early light.
Miocene volcanic plugs of Bulldog Ridge.
Mexican Hat, from the Idaho Pass Trail.
Lichens cheer up the trailside boulders.
Peak 3269 from Bulldog Canyon.
Pyroclastic Cave above the Bulldog Canyon Trail.
Ted’s favorite palo verde rides a rock turtle.
Lichen-covered butte on the approach to Idaho Access.

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