Meridian Trail to Cat Peaks; Goldfields, December 19, 2013  GPS Map 

Hiked a loop around the Cat Peaks in Usery Mountain Park on the Meridian, Blevins, and Cat Peaks Trails. It’s an easy hike: my first since the Total Knee Replacement surgery on August 20. There were hikers, bicycle riders, and equestrians on the trail with me. Being out of shape slowed me down, so it’s going to be a while longer before I can keep up with the Arizona Trailblazers. But oh, it’s great to be back on the trail!

•  I’m hiking again! Getting my life back! Couldn’t dream of a happier Christmas present.
My thanks to God, who is the source of all healing.
Thanks to my wife Jacque and daughters Beatrix and Clara, who put up with me (no mean feat!) and helped me when I needed it the most.
Thanks to Dr. John Duggan and the medical staff, Anthony Lelo and the therapists, who all did their job right.
Thanks to my friends and family for their prayers, kind thoughts, and encouragement.

Stick ’em up!
Cat Peaks in perspective, from the Meridian Trail.
Southern peak has rugged rock outcroppings.
Northern peak is more well-rounded.
Mexican hat and volcanic plug, from the Blevins Trail.
What’s this? A duck wearing a hat?
No, it’s a leaning tower.
Lichens cheer up a weathered trailside boulder.
Ol’ Hoss is hiking again!
Ghostly Superstitions rise above the Sonoran Desert.

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