Bulldog Canyon Loop; Goldfield Mountains, October 15, 2014 Trail Map

Didn’t think I’d get to Dome Mountain Trailhead in time for sunrise, but I made it. One car was already there. Another one pulled up, with six hikers who started the same time as me but weren’t stopping to take pictures. Later I heard them and saw them again, bushwhacking down in Bulldog Canyon. They didn’t notice me, even though I was in plain sight on the trail up above them. I also met a lady walking her two big dogs, a camper, and later, a fellow walking his horse.

It was a slow hike, because of my many stops to take pictures in the first half and snip catclaw branches in the second half. Although I’ve been hiking the Horse Trail for 11 years, I’ve never seen it so overgrown with vegetation. Also I removed a few cactus branches growing over the trail – harder to do when all you have is one-handed garden snips.

Forest Road 10 has gotten washed out in places. Not much of a problem when you are walking, but methinks I won’t be driving that road.

The snake was rattling away at me. That’s why Jax, my little dog, stays home from hikes. He wouldn’t know what to do. But I know just what to do when I see a rattlesnake—whip out my camera and take a zoomed picture of it, from a safe distance. Yes, I gave this one a wide detour.

Dawn at Dome Mountain Trailhead, north of Apache Junction, Arizona.
Soft colors of sunrise over hill 2685, Peak 3269, and Dome Mountain.
The sun rises over Blue Ridge, the Superstitions, and hill 2307.
Dome Mountain and the Frog catch their first rays.
Bulldog Ridge peaks 3163, 3195, and 3075.
Soon, all of Bulldog Ridge comes into view from FR 10.
Peaks 3134 and 3089, east of Dome Mountain.
Hill 2685 says “Climb me.”
Bulldog Ridge, painted by the early morning sun.
Peak 3269, by the dawn’s early light.
A few minutes later, on Forest Road 10.
Field of dreams, along a tributary of Bulldog Canyon.
Forked tongue, you say? Don’t you dare come another step closer.

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