Pass Mountain Trail from Meridian; Goldfields, October 30, 2014  Trail Map 

When you start from Meridian Trailhead at first light, you never know how far you can walk before sunrise. If there’s a favorite place and you get there on time, stay and wait for that glorious golden light. Otherwise just start walking, hoping to be at a good picture spot at the right time.

Other folks were on the trail today, though not as many as before. Two of them stopped me to ask directions.

There are three places where you can bail out on the west side of Pass Mountain:
1. McGill Junction, for the trail west down to Usery Pass Trailhead.
2. Wind Cave Trailhead.
3. The sign for Pass Mountain Trailhead.

Made it past the first two. But by the time I got to the Pass Mountain Trailhead sign I’d really worn myself out. So I called home. My daughter Clara, angel, met me at Pass Mountain Trailhead and drove me back to Meridian Trailhead, where my car was parked.

Pass Mountain Loop, I’ll be back.

Peak 3312, third highest in the Goldfields.
Peak 3205.
Butte west of Peak 3004.
Peak 3205, a few minutes later.
Rhyolite buttes indicate the way to Peak 3004.
Good Shepherd stands watch over the ridge east of Peak 3127.
Three Teddy Bears along the trail say, “Won’t you hug me?”
Ocotillo and Teddy Bears point the way to Stewart Mountain.
Stewart Mountain, north Bulldog Ridge, and the Mazatzals.
Phacelia campanularia - Desertbells
Viguiera deltoidea var. parishii - Parish’s Goldeneye

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