Cruise to Alaska; August 20-27, 2017 Map

My daughter Clara took all the pictures. You can see more of them here: Ketchikan Juneau Skagway.

Monday, August 21

Yesterday we got up extremely early and headed to the Phoenix airport, where Clara and I caught the Alaska Airlines plane to Seattle. It wasn’t a very long flight, yet at the Seattle airport we ended up taking long walks, train rides, and an elevator to pick up baggage. Then we got on the bus to the pier for our journey on Princess Cruise Lines, the Emerald Princess to Alaska.

It was cooler on the plane and as soon as we got to Seattle.

We were on the cruise ship by 1:00 PM, exhausted. Had a late lunch at the swimming pool area. I went through our bags as Clara checked things out around the ship. Took an early shower and rested.

Today we were so tired that we got up late. Clara got me breakfast from the buffet and we ate on deck.

The day is spent just relaxing. Clara gave me a tour of where everything is, as I will spend most of my time on the ship while she tours. It’s because of my right knee problems. They limit my running around and walking.

Right now I’m enjoying music played by a violinist and a guitarist who are playing old favorites of yesteryear. It’s beautiful.

It’s foggy and today is a day out at sea. I’m enjoying the cooler weather.

Weather notwithstanding, the pool was always a popular spot.
Grand Staircase, and it isn’t Escalante.
I prefer the elevator, you see.
Evening in the ship’s theatre.
We got to see Alaskan glaciers up close.

Tuesday, August 22

Last night we went to a big magic show production at a major theater, then rested.

We’re in Ketchikan today. Clara left early to take pictures, then she goes on a tour at 11:00 AM. I’m staying on the ship because of my right knee problems, reading and writing. This is my special time of quiet in the library.

Clara brought me breakfast in our room before she left.

It’s pouring down rain, foggy. The air is so refreshing compared to home!

This is a nice cruise ship despite its size.

I’m not really going to carry you off.
Salmon fishing capital of the world.
Foot bridge over a raging stream.
We don’t mind the rain.
Temperate rain forest.
Low man on the totem pole.

Wednesday, August 23

We’re in Juneau after going through the beautiful fiords. The scenery is picturesque.

Clara went up to do lots of pictures while I stayed where it is nice and warm, visiting others. Went to the library to do Bible study. I ran into a young writer who had some information for Ted and Clara.

My comfort zone is sitting and reading. My right knee is too sore for walking much. I would love to walk around the shops. Clara is going on a photography tour as I stay on board to read.

There isn’t any road into Juneau.
Water and ice shaped this land.
Thar she blows!
There be whales here.
Buoy is popular with the sea lions.
Life will find a way.

Thursday, August 24

Last night I went to hear lectures and see a film by Libby Riddles, about being the first woman to run the Iditarod dog race.

Clara was on a tour of Skagway alone, as my knees bother me too much for walking. We talked to Ted while in port last night and I told him to make an appointment to see the knee doctor when I come back.

I will do as I did yesterday, stay on the ship, read, pray, enjoy the people where I am. This is a relaxing, restful trip as I stay on board, much needed. I’m in the library now and ended up with a wonderful talk on Jesus from one of the crew members from the Philipenes. This is a blessing.

Who’s it from? Who’s it to?
All aboard the White Pass & Yukon Railway.
But if you want good directions ...
Have you ridden the Ordinary?
It’s a business to do pleasure with you.

Friday, August 25

Yesterday I went to see a presentation by the grandson of the originator of the Iditarod. He had some 4-week-old puppies with him. They are cute!

Today we are just on board the ship. High clouds, and fog so thick that one couldn’t see much for a while. It’ll be a day of reading, relaxing, preparing for the trip home after we visit Victoria B.C. tomorrow. This vacation has gone by fast.

Jacque spent a lot of time in the library.
If you want to just go easy, this is the place.
The morning was clear and crisp.
Sunset at sea.
Lights come out on a foggy night.
Glacial ice about to fall into the sea.

Saturday, August 26

Another day spent on the ship, Clara with me until we got to Victoria. We’re here for the evening. I finished The Road to Little Dribbing by Bill Bryson. It was another great way to visit small towns of England and Scotland.

It has been a relaxing trip with my reading. Trouble dieting, though.

Clara’s hitting a bookstore or two this morning to try and find a French book.

My knee has screwed me up from getting off the ship, but there are others with walkers and wheelchairs.

It is wonderful to see so many families, children, babies, as well as senior citizens. This gives me hope for our country and the world.

I have no idea for my next trip, as I plan to get my right knee replaced if possible.

Life has been a blessing to me with Ted’s love, our daughters, pets, enjoying what we love.

Wonder if they’ll have those French books in here.
I assure you, we’re no fly-by-night outfit.
The Emerald Princess lights up.
Yes, I had a good time.
Clara had a good time too.

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