West Goldfield Vista; Goldfield Mountains, January 5, 2017 Trail Map

Go, Tell It on the Mountain is one of my favorite spirituals. Admittedly it wasn’t written for Pass Mountain, but it fits.

This is the first hike in chapter 2 of Goldfield Mountain Hikes. Although I’ve done it many times, I hadn’t tried at sunrise. Today’s plan was different from last time: I got up in the dark (as usual, being a natural early bird) and drove to Usery Pass Trailhead to start hiking. Then my daughter Clara met me at Meridian Trailhead when the hike was over.

Coyotes serenaded me as I was starting the hike. With my night vision and familiarity with the trail, I started at first light, hoping to climb to the northwest lookout by dawn. Made it. But when I got there the sky was cloudy, all gray, so I just kept going. Didn’t have sunshine until I was a half mile north of the pass.

There was no one else on the trail until I got almost to the Pass. Not surprising on the Usery Pass Trail: no sensible person would hike there in the dark. But then there were dozens of people from the Pass all the way down to Meridian Trailhead.

A fellow at the Pass recognized me. He said Goldfield Mountain Hikes was good. I promised to sign it for him, any time.

The Sonoran Desert awakens under partly cloudy skies.
Dragon’s Kiss.
Slingshot Saguaro with light puffy clouds.
Rotten granite, but the moss doesn’t care.
Stewart Mountain catches the early morning sun.
The Four Peaks are there (above the saguaro) but cloud-topped.
I’m not very big, but plenty rugged.
Teddy Bears (Opuntia bigelovii) south of the Pass.
Precambrian Granite meets Miocene Rhyolite.
The ledge south of Peak 3205. Who knows what mysteries it holds?
The lichens like clean air.
Haven’t I met you before?

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