Rate Yourself as a Hiker

Know your capabilities before you sign up to go hiking. Leaders are encouraged to screen prospective hikers to make sure that each participant can finish the hike. Screening is important, because someone who can’t finish a hike puts himself in danger and ruins the enjoyment for all.

In the screening a leader might ask “What is the most challenging hike you have done in the past year?” Answer this question for yourself, using the guideline below. Then sign up for hikes that you know you can finish.

Neighborhood walk, mall walk, or park nature trail. "D"
Trail hike of at least 3 miles, at least 500' of climbing. "C"
Off trail hike of at least 3 miles, at least 500' of climbing. "C"
Trail hike of at least 8 miles, at least 1500' of climbing. "B"
Off trail hike that lasted over 6 hours, plenty of climbing. "B"
None, but I’m on the varsity football team. "B"
Trail hike of at least 16 miles, at least 3000' of climbing. "A"
All day, off trail, in a rugged wilderness. God only knows how many miles we walked or how much climbing we did. "A"

Hikes in this book are rated using the Arizona Sierra Club ABCD system.

If you aren’t sure of your abilities, start with an easy "C" hike. Then don’t overdo it when you advance to the next level of difficulty. Avoid skipping levels.

Examples of "C" hikes:
  Superstitions: Peralta Trail to and from Fremont Saddle
  Sedona: One way from Bell Rock to Morgan Road
  Goldfields: Bulldog Canyon Loop

Examples of "B" hikes:
  Superstitions: One way from First Water Trailhead to Peralta Trailhead
  Chirichauas: Chirichaua Peak and Centella Point from Rustler Park
  Goldfields: Camouflage Tanks

Examples of "A" hikes:
  Superstitions: Superstition Ridgeline from Carney Springs to Lost Dutchman
  Grand Canyon: Round trip from South Rim to Phantom Ranch
  Goldfields: Golden Dome Life March

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