Ted’s Arizona Hike Pictures
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A camera is essential for hiking in Arizona. Many of my pictures are in trip reports written for the Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club, some by other authors. More pictures are in photographic essays of various hikes.

At least 8 different cameras were used over the years. Finally I’ve settled on a Canon G15 digital camera – excellent optics with reasonably light weight.


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the latest:
Oldham Loop Flagstaff 06/16/2017 solo
Pivot Rock Canyon Mogollon Rim 06/10/2017 solo
Meadow Trail Loop Mogollon Rim 06/02/2017 solo
Walnut Meadows Flagstaff 05/27/2017 Arizona Trailblazers
Long Canyon Sedona 04/22/2017 Arizona Trailblazers