Bellagio and Red Rock Canyon, September 26-28, 2012
Pictures by Ted and Jacquelyn Tenny
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Here are a few of our pictures:
date feature date feature
Sept. 27 The “O” Show Sept. 27 The famous Bellagio Fountain
Sept. 27 38 years and one week Sept. 28 Red Rock Canyon
Sept. 27 Pool, from the Conference Canter Sept. 28 The shifting sands of time.
Sept. 27 Bellagio from Caesar’s Palace Sept. 28 A trail to adventure!
Sept. 27 Tram uses cable car technology. Sept. 28 Red rocks dominate the canyon.
Sept. 27 Bar with a countertop fountain. Sept. 28 Rainbow Sherbet
Sept. 27 Conservatory is a popular spot. Sept. 28 Checkerboard pattern on the rocks.
Sept. 27 Gourd shaped like a goeduck. Sept. 28 Tripods at Lost Creek
Sept. 27 Watering flowers in the Conservatory Sept. 28 Ice Box Canyon
Sept. 27 Sculptures by Richard MacDonald Sept. 28 Yuccas and Joshua Trees
Sept. 27 Jacque loves to shop! Sept. 28 Multicolored Cliffs
Sept. 27 Ted shoots a delicate glass sculpture. Sept. 28 Pine Creek Canyon

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