Caribbean Cruise, February 21-March 1, 2015

Clara and I had a wonderful, beautiful trip on the Regal Princess. This was my first Princess Cruise since the Love Boat era, when D.R. and I went in our twenties to Mexico. It was their 50th anniversary, on the newest ship they have.

There were over three thousand passengers on the Regal Princess and over a thousand who work on it. Clara and I took different excursions when we went on Eleuthera Island, which is also known as Princess Cay. Clara went on a tour of the vegetation and I went on regular island tour. Eleuthera Island is where an Olympic runner came from, and Sammy Davis Jr. Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, etc. also hung out around there. I believe they played golf on a course that has gone to weeds and no one plays now, money problems with the owners, evidently.

I stayed on the ship while Clara went on an excursion to St. John’s. Too difficult for me, so I had my hair done, relaxed, and did some reading.

We toured St. Maarten together. It is part French and part Dutch. We did a lot of walking after our tour, lots of Jewelry stores in downdown on the Dutch side, as diamonds come at good prices, better than the states, because they don’t have to deal with middlemen. There are beautiful beaches. One is nude on French side, which lights at night because of their famous restaurants.

We saw some wonderful shows on the ship as well as a movie on big screen on Lido outdoor deck. It is a beautiful ship. Clara and I watched some of the old Love Boat shows in our stateroom when resting at times – a show which Ted and I have been watching at home from time to time.

Lush tropical vegetation thrives on the island.
The beach is paradise for tourists and lovers.
Romantic cottage by the sea.
How about a walk along the shore?
The harbor is a busy place.
Clara sips a glamorous cocktail.
At night, this place really comes alive!
By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.

On our trip, Clara took over a thousand pictures which she has been going through. She had a wonderful birthday celebration. A plate full of chocolate strawberries was delivered to her room along with a Happy Birthday sign and coupons for trying other things. She didn’t want to go to fancy restaurants for her birthday as she felt that it wasn’t her style, but we had fun anyway, enjoyed our lanai also. She did go on a hike on St. Thomas as an excursion.

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